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Friday, 21 February 2014

Childhood Heroes: Authors Dress Up for Oxford Story Museum exhibit

On 5th April 2014, the Oxford Story Museum will host an unforgettable series of author portraits. 26 Characters is a project in which 26 famous authors have dressed up as their favourite children's book characters, to spectacular effect. I can only assume this was the most fun photographer Cambridge Jones has had on a shoot.

The project has been a collaboration between the Museum, Jones and writer's association 26, who you might remember from my Throwaway Lines post a while back. Here's where the writing part comes in. Each of us was assigned a portrait and the challenge to write a sestude (a 62 word poem) about the photograph as a whole, taking in both the character and the author's work.

I was lucky enough for my author to have chosen one of my absolute favourite childhood reads. Adventure, danger and unseen worlds right beneath our feet. I can't say any more, or I'd spoil the surprise, but keep your eyes on the Museum website and follow them and 26 on Twitter for updates. Oh, and look out for the sestude writers going rogue nearer the time, as we talk about our own favourite characters, and try dressing up ourselves. It's going to be magical.

What's that? You absolutely can't wait and want a sneak peek? OK then. Straight from the Museum's website, see if you can recognise the cult author playing Badger from Wind In The Willows.

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